The Montclair Drifter Host – Cluster Luncheon October 2015!

Our Alum, and membership hosted chapters from Ocean, NJ, Southeastern, PA,
and New York, NY.


The Drifters Cluster Meeting Hosted by the New York Chapter September 2015 – a great time was had by all!

2014- Drifter Cluster Meeting Hosted by the Ocean NJ Chapter – looking fabulous as always!

Drifter Cluster Meeting 2014_2

The Drifters, Inc. – National Chapters:

  • Baltimore, Maryland

  • Charlotte, North CarolinaNC Cluster Mtg
    ● Chicago Illinois
    ● Cincinnati, Ohio
    ● Cleveland, OhioCLVND
    ● Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas
    ● Decatur-DeKalb, Georgia
    ● Denver, Colorado
    ● Detroit, Michig
    ● Gary, Indiana
  • Greater Charleston, South Carolina  Greater Charleston
    ● Greensboro, North Carolina
    ● Houston, Texas houston
  • Indianapolis, Indiana
    ● Las Vegas, Nevada
    ● Los Angeles, California
    ● Metro Atlanta, Georgia   metro atlanta

  • ● Metropolitan, Washington, DC
    ● Mitchellville, Maryland  

● Montclair, New Jersey
● New York, New York
● Norfolk, Virginia
● Ocean, New Jersey

● Orangeburg, South 
● Petersburg, Virginia
● Portsmouth, Virginia
● Potomac, Maryland  




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