The Montclair Drifters, Incorporated
brunch 2019


Drifter Carol Allen
Drifter Diane Bittings
Drifter Charlynne J.C, Coley
Drifter Penny O. Corum
Drifter Marguerite Foster
Drifter Tanya Freeman
Drifter Madinah F. Hamidullah-Dorcely (Maddy)
Drifter Monique Jenkins

Drifter Cynthia Jones
Drifter Joyce Wilson Harley
Drifter Angelina Killane-Sims
Drifter Shirley Keyes
Drifter President Tracy Munford
Drifter JP Powell
Drifter Joan Reeves
Drifter Adrienne Register
Drifter Janet Rich

Drifter Marvette Richardson
Drifter Joanne Sanders
Drifter Gabrielle Smith
Drifter Jamelle R. Straker

National President, Denise L. Taylor- Hill
Drifter Stephanie Tonic
Drifter Claudia Woodard


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