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Montclair Drifters, Inc. Announces New President and Board Members  

Montclair Drifters, Inc. Announces New President and Board Members Montclair, NJ (Greater Essex County)

The Montclair Drifters, Inc. announces the appointment of new officers to its Executive Board (E-board), as well as the full slate of officers and board members for the 2019-2020 Program year. The Chapter is proud to announce its newly appointed president, Jamelle R. Straker, who served as Treasurer for the organization over the past four years. Joining the board are Joyce Wilson Harley, Parliamentarian; Stephanie Tonic, Corresponding Secretary; Claudia Nelson Woodard, Recording Secretary & Public Relations Co-Chair; and Gabrielle Smith, Historian. Returning E-board members are Monique Jenkins, Vice-President; Marvette Richardson, Financial Secretary & PR Co-Chair; Madinah Hamidullah-Dorcely, Treasurer & Fundraising Co-Chair (prior Recording Secretary); JP Powell, Membership Chair (prior Courtesy Chair); Marguerite Foster, Courtesy Chair; Diane Bittings, Fundraising Co-Chair. “I am proud to be called upon to serve the community and to work with such talented individuals,” Jamelle R. Straker, the new president, said. “All our new and returning E-board members are dynamic and bring fresh ideas and perspective to the table. We are very fortunate to have them by our side as we continue the work of strengthening our families to build better communities, save our children and assist our seniors.

” The Montclair Drifters, Inc. is a New Jersey based chapter of The Drifters, Incorporated, a national 501c3 non-profit women’s organization with a presence across the nation. The local Montclair chapter is fortunate to have Denise L. Taylor-Hill as one of its esteemed members—who was recently re-elected to serve as the National President. “As President of The National Drifters Incorporated, I would like to personally congratulate Jamelle R. Straker on being elected President of my local chapter,” Taylor-Hill said. “I am extremely excited about the future and direction of Montclair Drifters, Inc. under her leadership.” Straker is a consummate professional and has been an active member of Montclair Drifters, Inc. since 2014. Her dedication and commitment to the growth and success of the organization quickly garnered her the trust and respect of her peers. Her heart of service, coupled with her passion for giving back to the community, has allowed her to maintain significant affiliations with other service organizations, as well as being an active member of her church. She took on her role as president at the start of the September 2019 program year and the Drifters, under the guidance of Monique Jenkins, Program Chair, are well on their way with participating and supporting community activities such as: The Christopher “CJ” Morgan Memorial Golf Outing, The Delta Torch Fund in support of Breast Cancer Awareness, Donations to Community Food Bank of New Jersey, fundraising walks for Autism, Alzheimer’s and so much more.

When Jamelle is not conducting Drifter business, she works as an Administrative Director of Bankruptcy at Lowenstein Sandler LLP’s Roseland, New Jersey office. Straker is a resident of West Orange and enjoys spending quality time with her husband Dr. Michael Straker and her two sons, Eric and Jay. As a non-profit charitable organization, the Drifters primary goal is to help the community through scholarship and service. An integral part of their commitment is based in conducting signature programs, raising awareness and donating funds to support other need-based initiatives and sometimes individuals. They are dedicated to improving the human condition in the communities they live and serve.

All members of Montclair Drifters, Inc. are listed below: Denise L. Taylor-Hill, National President of The Drifters Incorporated Jamelle R. Straker, President Monique Jenkins, Vice-President & Program Chair Claudia Nelson Woodard, Recording Secretary & Public Relations Co-Chair Stephanie Tonic, Corresponding Secretary Marvette Richardson, Financial Secretary & Public Relations Madinah F. Hamildullah-Dorcely, PhD – Treasurer & Fundraising Co-Chair,  Joyce Wilson Harley, Esq. – Parliamentarian JP Powell, Membership Chair Marguerite Foster, Courtesy Chair Diane Bittings, Fundraising Co-Chair Gabrielle Smith, Historian Drifters: Carol Allen, Charlynne J.C., Coley, Penny O. Corum, Tanya Freeman, Cynthia Jones, Angelina Killane-Sims, Shirley Keys, Tracy Munford (Immediate Past President), Joan Reeves, Adrienne Register, Janet Rich, Joanne Sanders, Carol Allen.

Montclair Drifters are a group of dynamic women with, charitable, civic, educational, and social interest who have dedicated their talents to the enhancement of their chosen communities and the universal image of womanhood.

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