National History


Homage to our National Membership “Drifter Strong”

Drifter Gladiola dreamstime_xl_15523854 (2)

Our Colors Are

Coral & Silver Gray

The Drifter Code

(by Drifter Edna Rose, Norfolk Chapter)
D – Devotion
R – Responsibility
I – Intelligence
F – Friendliness
T – Truthfulness
E – Eudemonism
R – Rationality

Drifter Emblems

● Driftwood
● Queen Nefertiti

Drifter Roles

● Drifter Mate: Driftwood
● Drifter Child: Kindling
● Drifter Grandchild: Splinter
● Drifter Male (over 18): Kindlewood

The Drifters, Incorporated Advocacy

The Drifters, Incorporated’s long term commitment to the advocacy of children is exhibited everyday through the works of our Sisters in each of our 32 Chapters.  Our Sisters are involved with volunteer programs throughout the country such as CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates/Guardian Ad Litem), Big Brothers Big Sisters, Girl Scouts, and Volunteer and Mentoring initiatives in School Districts within their chosen communities, to name a few.

The Drifters, Incorporated Lifetime Memberships

● NAACP — National Association for The Advancement of Colored People
● The National Urban League

National Programs

Theme: “Strengthen Our Families to Build Better Communities, Save our children, Assist our seniors”

$10,000 Revolving Student Loan Funds

The first non-interest bearing loan fund for students was established in 1969.  They are funded through personal contributions of The Drifter membership.  The $10,000 grants are awarded to degree conferring institutions whose student populations are mostly people of color.


Several college scholarships are awarded to deserving high school graduates at The Drifters Annual National Convention by the host chapter.  Additionally, the Board of Directors awards a scholarship to a deserving Kindling or Splinter at The Drifters Annual National Convention.  These programs serve as living examples of The Sisters of The Drifters, Incorporated’s commitment to serving our chosen communities and improving the lives of those we serve.



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