Montclair Drifters Programs 2015 -2016: mtcd-programs-2015-2016

 And that’s not all…mtcd-programs-1-2015-2016

Let us not forget…


 Our Sisters in Action: 

Program Year Program Title
July-15  Travel Right Shopping
July-15 “PURSEonally Yours!”  Handbag and Toiletries
July-15 AANGELS Donation
July-15 AARP Senior Volunteer Recognition
July-15 American Cancer Society  Walk Donation
July-15 Clean Water – Nwk Schools Shopping
July-15 Coffee & Coats, Cocoa & Coats (Warm Coat & Parking Meter)
July-15 EFFUSION Dance School Scholarship
July-15 Etiquette Seminar for Youth
July-15 Food Pantry Restock
July-15 JHKids
July-15 Montclair African American Heritage Foundation Donation
July-15 Montclair Childhood Development Corp. (MCDC)  Reading Program
July-15 Operation Dream Lift Donation
July-15 Printed materials for Brunch
July-15 Scholarships
July-15 Sisters Network – Essex County
July-15 West Orange African American Association Donation
July-15 Wisdom Shapes Minds (WSM)
August-15 Jazz House Kids
August-15 Sisters Network
August-15 Wisdom Shapes Minds (WSM)
December-15 Holiday Dinner for Families of InterFaith Hospitality Network (IHN)
October-16 American Cancer Society
October-16 Bailey Holt or other senior program
October-16 Brother to Brother
October-16 Montclair 4th Ward
October-16 S.O.F.I.A. Donation
October-16 Susan G. Komen Donation
(Driftwood Micheal Straker 60 mile, 3 day walk)
October-16 Veterans Program Standdown (Assemblywoman Cleopatra G. Tucker)
October-16 Voter Education and Registration
November-16 Elmwood Presby Church Food Bank – Men of Elmwood
November-16 Essex Junior Academy Donation
November-16 Jamaica Organization NJ
December-16 Autism  – Holiday
December-16 Autism  – Nassan’s Place



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