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 The faces of excellence:

  • A heartfelt thanks goes out to our supporters.

    Your unwavering support has afforded our organization to commit over fifty years of service to our communities. Our esteemed Scholarship Program has awarded over $100K and counting to deserving students.

    Here are some of Colleges, Universities and HBCU’S that our students have attended in pursuit of higher education:

    • Georgia Tech

    • Hampton University

    • Howard University

    • Kean University

    • Ramapo College

    • Rutgers University

    • Virginia State University

      Your contributions at work:
      Meet Miyah Meadows
       a Bloomfield High School student who was awarded a scholarship from The Montclair Chapter of Drifter in 2014:

      My name is Miyah Meadows, I am currently a Junior majoring in Accounting at the Ramapo College of New Jersey. I chose to attend Ramapo College in Ramsey New Jersey because it offered me an interesting academic program packaged in a smaller college setting. I knew going into my college search, that big schools were not for me. I prefer the attention one can benefit from in the closeness that a smaller learning institution can offer.

      Having had an opportunity to apply for and receive educational assistance outside of familial help, and student loans, I felt honored to win an award from The Montclair Drifters, Incorporated.  This was a huge help for me and my family.  It alleviated a good amount of stress when it came down to college fees and the purchasing of materials as in books, and other necessary items needed to aid in my studies.

      I had never heard of The Montclair Drifters Inc., and was very excited to learn that they are an African American, Not For Profit group of likeminded women whose focus is on community service and scholarships for deserving High School students entering higher education.

      My guidance counselor at Bloomfield High School provided me with the application to apply for a scholarship award from thid great organization, indicating that I was required to write an essay detailing my experience as a community leader/ambassador.  I quickly pulled together all of my volunteer experience I had done through Bloomfield High School Programs and through other volunteer efforts arranged by my parents.  I later learned too that one of the Montclair Drifter Alumnae, Carol Allen was a Guidance Counselor at my school which makes the relationship between The Montclair Drifters and Bloomfield High School even more rewarding.

      I put a great deal of thought into the essay and tried to highlight my interest in community service and the experience I received from volunteering efforts.  I really do enjoy giving back to the community, and in doing so it allows me to witness just how many people are in dire need of help on many levels.

      My first semester in college was probably one of my hardest. I struggled with the transition into managing a new environment, new found freedom, and the responsibilies that quickly became overwhelming.

      I remember questioning just about every week, whether college was really for me or not.  My peers seemed to be adjusting quite well but I just couldn’t seem to grasp the monumental challenges.  Instead of giving up and leaving school, I began to plan how I could do things differently to make my stay at the college more pleasant.

      The first step I took towards improving my experience was to join a club and meet like-minded students. I got involved with the Ramapo Admissions Student Ambassadors, which opened the doors for me to share experiences and this ultimately helped me come out of my shell.  I continued to work hard and eventually made the Dean’s List in my second semester at Ramapo College.

      By my sophomore year, I became a “Peer Facilitator” and began helping new students with their transitions into college. Having learned from firsthand experience, I know how important it is to help your fellow students.  I really enjoy being a “Peer Facilitator” because I get the opportunity to help students through this challenging time and watch their growth as the semester progresses.

      All throughout this time in my sophomore year, I continued to work hard academically and challenged myself to continue to do things that took me out of my comfort zone. I was finally able to find a rhythm and even maintained a social life and held stedfast in academia.

      Now that I’m in my Junior year, I now have two jobs on campus.  I currently work as a “Student Coordinator” in the Civic and Community Engagement Center, and as a “Peer Coach” supporting students with documented disabilities through the Office of Specialized Services.  I’ve also wrapped up my first round of interviews for Spring and Summer internships during 2017 with major accounting firms!

      Right now, I’m so motivated and planning my future career path. My advise to new students starting out on this college journey who may be struggling with his or her college experience is this…

      College…yes can be difficult and there will be times where you may doubt yourself but don’t panic because this is a completely normal process!  College can be one of the best experiences of your life…if you let it.  Do understand that your decisions will determine your journey and the ultimate outcome.  I wish the best to each student going through this process.

      A “Thank You” goes out to The Montclair Chapter of Drifters, Inc. for believing in young people like myself!


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